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TWISTED, book 2 in Lost in Oblivion series, coming December 2, 2014.

DRAWN DEEP, book 2 in Afternoon Delight series, coming December 16, 2014.

GOING LONG, Boys of Fall series, coming January 19, 2015.

UNTWISTED, book 2 in Lost in Oblivion series, coming February 12, 2015.

SNEAK ATTACK, book 2 in Tapped Out series, coming March 31, 2015.

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Gray Duffy never thought he’d end up as the co-lead guitarist of one of the biggest rock bands. The experience should’ve been even better because he was getting to share every minute of it with his best friend, Jazz. Since the day she’d showed up as his family’s new foster kid, he’d protected her. Loved her. And not just platonically either. After all these years of wanting her in his bed, he still didn’t have a clue what it felt like to have her mouth on his.

Except that one time. The time he’d shared her with Nick. The best worst night of his life.

Now she’s right by his side, and they’re living their dream. They’re making music together and spending every waking moment trapped in tight quarters. With success at their fingertips, the time is right for him to finally make his move toward the woman he needs.

He just never figured he would lose control. Or that she would find out.

They’ve loved each other through everything. But what if this time love just isn’t enough?

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No Promises Required 

Professional football player Bryan Townsend is sidelined for the next two weeks while he recovers from a knee injury. The upside? He’ll get to attend his sister’s wedding. The downside? He’s not sure he’ll have a spot on his team when he returns. So when he’s confronted by a sexy blast from his past the night of the bachelor party, he sees an opportunity to seduce thevery stunning maid of honor.

But Bryan had no clue Jill St. John was still a virgin. Or that she was merely looking to expand her sexual repertoire without having to trust anyone with her heart. But with every encounter, Jill can’t help but fall for the man Bryan’s become. The clock is running down. If he’s to win it all, Bryan must make the biggest play of his career—choosing between his team…or the woman he’s always wanted.

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Drawn Deep 

Kim O’Halloran is on a self-enforced hiatus from dating younger men. Until her erotic art class instructor puts a sexy, intriguing male model in front of her sketch pad.

Suddenly celibacy’s starting to seem like a really bad idea. Better—or worse—yet, she discovers the man she’s lusting over isn’t just her junior. He’s a virgin. And he’s asking her to corrupt him a time or two. Or fifty. For starters.

Michael Montgomery may only be in his mid-twenties, but he knows what and who he wants. Kim and her wicked ways are a perfect cure for the sexual frustration and bone-deep loneliness he’s put up with for way too long.

The timing in both their lives is all wrong to be pushing past their boundaries—in the bed, on the couch or against the car. Yet Kim finds herself enjoying teaching him how to please a woman…and Michael finds himself willing to use every trick she knows to persuade his commitment-phobic lover to change her mind about love.

Warning: This book contains a virgin hero who learns quick—and hard—and a heroine who doesn’t mind getting filthy during a lesson. Oh, and make sure to watch out for the dirty talking…bird.

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